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Beyond Parade: Additional Historical Resources

Parade is a musical based on true events. That fact alone makes the production instantly more intriguing, however, it may leave audience members wondering, “what historical aspects were left out?”

If you’ve already seen Parade and are desperate to learn more or you want some preliminary information before the show, there are plenty of sources to consume.

Leo Frank’s Wikipedia Page

For a quick, ground level understanding of Leo Frank and the trial, start here.

The People vs. Leo Frank

This PBS documentary from 2009 combines interviews and actor portrayals using dialogue pulled directly from historical records. The film in its entirety can be found here.

The Murder of Mary Phagan

This two part mini series from 1988 stars Jack Lemmon as Governor Slaton and Peter Gallagher as Leo Frank. Parade director Jeff Horger called it “more of a heightened dramatization than a historical portrayal,” but said it was a helpful reference regarding the group scenes that take place within this world.

Books Recommended by the Director

For those looking to take a deep dive into all the gritty details that didn’t make it to screen or stage.