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Directing Fellowships


In an effort to support the development of future Omaha directors, the Omaha Community Playhouse is excited to offer the OCP Directing Fellowship.

This Fellowship provides a new generation of early and mid-career directors and gifted artists with unique education and understanding of the directorial skills necessary to create theatre. Fellows will gain first-hand experience within Omaha’s leading organization for community-based theatre and education. They will work alongside, in collaboration with, and ultimately become the leaders shaping Omaha’s theatrical landscape.

The Directing Fellows are selected by the OCP Artistic Director and the Directing Fellowship Coordinator. A Fellow’s schedule and duties may vary widely based on their personal strengths and any director they may be paired with and may include directing, assistant directing, observership, dramaturgy, note-taking, coordinating and creating casting and rehearsal schedules, attending rehearsals and performances, and providing general support for the various individuals involved with productions.


The mission of the OCP Directing Fellowship Program is to develop, support and encourage qualified community members in the art and practice of directing for the theatre. Our goal is to grow and diversify the Omaha directing pool in a way that we hope will benefit the entire theatre community.


OCP will be a creative home for everyone. We will use theatre to break down barriers rather than to build them up. We will listen to those who have been systematically oppressed and felt excluded in order to better serve our community.


  • The Legend of Georgia McBride— Directed by Brady D Patsy — Sophia Rose Brown
  • School of Rock — Directed by Stephen Santa —Mackenzie Zielke
  • The Cake — Directed by Kimberley Clark-Kaczmarek — Amber Franklin
  • August Wilson’s Fences — Directed by Brady D Patsy — TammyRa
  • RENT — Directed by Stephen Santa — Anna Dragon
  • Dreamgirls — Directed by Kathy Tyree — Brock McCullough
  • Little Shop of Horrors — Directed by Stephen Santa — Jon Roberson
  • Pretty Fire — Breanna Carodine — Shannon Chin
  • In The Heights — Directed by Brady D Patsy — TBD


Each Directing Fellow will serve as an assistant director for one of this season’s productions and will work closely with its director. Fellows will be included in the design process, auditions, casting, production meetings, and all rehearsals through tech week and opening night.

Fellows will also take part in six Fellowship Roundtable Events throughout the season, led by Associate Artistic Director Brady Patsy and Artistic Director Stephen Santa, both of whom will serve as mentors and advisors.

The program will be a “fellowship” in the true sense of the word, in which a group with a common goal can learn with and from one another.

Directing Fellows receive a stipend of $500 for their participation in the season. In addition, each Fellow will receive $100 to purchase tickets to attend locally produced theatrical productions.

Round Table Discussions and Workshops will be scheduled throughout the year that all Fellows must attend.

Attend Fellowship Roundtable Events

All members of the Fellowship are required to attend a total of six Fellowship Roundtables. Each three-hour roundtable event will consist of workshops and discussions throughout the season that include:

  • A pre-season discussion with Fellows, Directors, Fellowship Coordinator and Artistic Director to determine expectations and goals of each.
  • Presentations by guest speakers that may include designers, playwrights, choreographers, music directors, dramaturgs, and composers, among others.
  • Topics of interest may include script analysis, auditions, working with designers, working with actors, working with choreographers, scheduling rehearsals, creating a safe and comfortable rehearsal space, etc.

Note: Reading or viewing assignments may be required for each Roundtable discussion.

Roundtable events will take place at these approximate times of the year:

  • Mid-June 2022 — Pre-season discussion event
  • Early August 2022 — Fellowship Roundtable #1
  • Late November 2022 — Fellowship Roundtable #2
  • Early March 2023 — Fellowship Roundtable #3
  • Mid-May 2023 — Fellowship Roundtable #4
  • Mid-June 2023 — Post-season discussion event

Roundtable days and times will be based as much as possible on the availability of the participants.

In Addition

Since no two directors work the same way, interested members of the fellowship will be encouraged to observe rehearsals of other shows throughout the season, as COVID-19 restrictions allow. Of particular interest to Directing Fellows might be to observe rehearsals for the OCP annual production of A Christmas Carol. Fellows must request permission to attend rehearsals for other shows from each particular show’s director.

All fellowship members will have opportunities for one-on-one discussions with their director and the Associate Artistic Director/ Fellowship Coordinator or OCP Artistic Director, as schedules allow.


  • Applicants must reside in the Omaha metro area.
  • Applicants must have at least three years of experience in theatre, either as actors, stage managers, designers or directors.
  • Applicants must be willing to meet the responsibilities set forth above.


The 2022 – 2023 application is closed.

  1. Fill out the 2022/23 Directing Fellowship Application Form
  2. Prepare your current theatrical résumé along with names and contact information for two references