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Q & A with Anna Dragon, Assistant Director of The Drawer Boy

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April 7, 2021

 Q & A with Anna Dragon, Assistant Director of The Drawer Boy

Anna Dragon

As The Drawer Boy gets ready to open on Friday night, we asked Assistant Director Anna Dragon a few questions about the show, the rehearsal process and her experience as an OCP Directing Fellow.
Q. What is The Drawer Boy about?

A. The Drawer Boy by Canadian-born Michael Healey is a heartwarming story told through the eyes of Miles, a student actor, who is determined to discover truth in the rustic lives of two middle-aged farmers.

Q. How did you get involved with The Drawer Boy?

A. Around March 2019 I turned in my application for the Directing Fellowship because I saw an opportunity doing what I love (and using that liberal arts degree). After a long while of waiting through a whole pandemic, the amazing Anthony Clark-Kaczmarek asked me to be his assistant director. Although COVID guidelines did not allow us to do the play I originally interviewed for, Anthony introduced me to the lovely play that we’re doing now. And to put it tritely, the rest is history.

Q. What has been your favorite part of the rehearsal process?

A. Truthfully, my favorite part is watching the actors discover new things about their character through a simple piece of direction mixed with their creativity. It reminds me once again of why I love theatre.

Q. What has your experience as an OCP Directing Fellow been like?

A. One word: welcoming. Being apart of such an amazing company after a year of quarantine is the most refreshing experience I could ask for. From the actors to the crew, I see passion driving all of their work. It inspires me everyday.

Q. What excites you most about The Drawer Boy?

A. I’m always excited to see how the audience will respond to the actors and their stunning performances. These talented folks worked their butts off and it shows.

Q. What can audiences expect from The Drawer Boy?

A. Lots of emotion. (A gentle reminder to bring tissues.)

Q. Why should people come see The Drawer Boy?

A. Come for the fun theatrical experience, stay for the characters you will absolutely fall in love with.

The Drawer Boy runs April 9 – May 2, 2021 in OCP’s Hawks Mainstage Theatre. Ticket information here.
Also available to stream on demand April 16 – May 2, 2021.