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 Angels in America
Part One: Millennium Approaches 
Audition Notice

By Tony Kushner
Directed by Allison Price
Intimacy Choreographer: Addie Barnhart

Actor Stipend: $725.00

Audition Dates:
June 15th
–  12pm-4pm
June 16th – 6pm-10pm
June 17th – 6pm-10pm
* Actors only need to attend ONE of the three general audition dates.
June 22nd – 12pm-4pm (invited Callbacks)

*Auditions will take place at the Omaha Community Playhouse, please arrive 15-minutes prior to your audition appointment, and enter through the stage door in the back of the building.

Preparation: We will be doing cold readings from the script- Click HERE for audition sides.

Important Dates:
First Rehearsal:
Sunday, August 18th
Tech Week: September 29th – October 3rd

Opening Night: October 4th
Run: October 4th – November 3rd 
*No conflicts allowed during tech week or for any performance.

(Please do not submit more than one Audition Form)

The first play of Tony Kushner’s two-part epic Angels in America, Millennium Approaches chronicles the intersecting stories of a diverse group of Americans during the early days of the AIDS epidemic in New York City, Utah and around the country. Considered one of the most important American plays of the last century, Kushner’s drama weaves political, social, religious, medical, cultural, and historical themes for a powerful message of love and hope, as relevant today as it was at the approach of the millennium.

 Content Disclosure: This play contains mature language, racial and ablest slurs, references to explicit sexual situations including depictions of; addiction and drug use, drinking, illness, homophobia, death, simulated sex, Queer violence, and AIDS diagnoses and symptoms.

There are moments in the show that indicate full and partial nudity per the playwright’s intent. Due to the content of the show, we will be involving the actors in the creation process of intimacy and violence in the scenes alongside the intimacy choreographer, director, and violence choreographer. For your psychological safety and boundaries, please complete the intimacy survey in the audition form, adapted from Theatrical Intimacy Education.

Casting Breakdown:

*Special note: though many characters in the play are cis-gender, trans/nonbinary actors are encouraged to audition.

Roy Cohn (he/him): Queer character; appears to be in his 50s, a successful and influential New York City lawyer and unofficial power broker. Relentless and cunning; denies his sexuality and his AIDS diagnosis. Also plays: Ghost of Prior II who is from London in the 17th Century, very sophisticated and posh.

Intimacy Notes: Embraces between Roy and Joe.

Joe Pitt (he/him): Queer man; chief clerk for Justice Theodore Wilson of the Federal Court of Appeals, Second Circuit. Appears to be in their late 20s-30s; Mormon; Harper’s husband; closeted and battling with his own queerness. He is doing his best to be perfect. Also plays: Ghost of Prior I a gruff and blunt medieval farmer and the Eskimo who is one of Harper’s imaginary friends.

Intimacy Notes: Embraces between Joe and Roy, kisses and embraces between Joe and Harper, kisses shared by Joe and Louis.

Harper Pitt (she/her): Joe’s wife, an agoraphobic with a mild Valium addiction; Mormon but not as intense about it as Joe. Appears to be in their late 20s-30s, and she is determined to survive in a world that is crumbling around her. Also plays: Martin Heller, a Reagan Administration Justice Department flackman.

Intimacy Notes: Embraces and kisses between Harper and Joe.

Louis Ironson (he/him): A gay Jewish man, boyfriend to Prior. Appears to be in their late 20s-30s, a word processor working for the Second Circuit Court of Appeals; intellectual, idealistic, and often puts his needs above those of others.

Intimacy Notes: Kiss between Louis and Joe , embraces/cuddles and kisses Prior, simulated sexual encounter with Man in the Park.

Prior Walter (he/him): A gay man with AIDS, Louis’s boyfriend. Appears to be in their late 20s-30s, his best friend is Belize. Quick-witted, uses humor to hide pain, loves strongly, comfortable and confident in his queerness. Also plays: Man in the Park 

Intimacy Notes: Simulated intimacy between Prior and Louis indicated in the script in the form of embraces/hugs, cuddling, and kisses, simulated embraces/cuddles and kisses between Prior and Belize,  simulated sexual encounter between Man in the Park and Louis, full nudity as indicated in the script.

Hannah Pitt (she/her): Joe’s mother, appears to be in her 50s-60s, currently residing in Salt Lake City, a Mormon who is loyal to her faith and loves her son. Also plays: Ethel Rosenberg and Rabbi Isidor Chemelwitz

Belize (he/him/they/them): Queer black character; appears to be in their late 20s-30s, a registered nurse and former drag queen. Perceptive, compassionate, won’t take shit from anyone. Also plays: Mr. Lies, Harper’s imaginary friend who is a travel agent.

Intimacy Notes: Embraces/cuddles and kisses between Prior and Belize.

The Angel (she/her): Four divine emanations, Fluor, Phosphor, Lumen, and Candle. She is a messenger from Heaven to bestow a prophecy on Prior. Commanding, direct, and divine. Also plays: Emily, Homeless Woman, Sister Ella Chapter

Upcoming Auditions

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August 3rd – 12pm-4pm (Children)
August 4th  – 1pm-5pm (Adults)
August 5th  – 6pm-9pm (Adults)
August 8th – 6pm-9pm (Adult Callbacks)
August 9th – 4:30pm-7pm (Children’s Callbacks)

September 21st –  12:30pm-4:30pm
September 22nd – 6pm-10pm
September 23rd  – 6pm-10pm
September 28th  – 12:30pm-5:30pm (Callbacks)

October 19th – 12:30pm-4:30pm
October 20th – 12:30pm-4:30pm
October 21th – 6pm-10pm
October 24th – 6pm-10pm (Callbacks)


Through upholding high ethical standards, demonstrating respect for all and consciously working to provide diverse representation, OCP is committed to creating an inclusive and safe environment in which all community members feel a sense of belonging and does not discriminate in casting practices on the basis of an individual’s ethnicity, age, gender, physical and cognitive ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, country of origin or other factors. Omaha Community Playhouse is committed to diverse and inclusive casting.