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Recommended Reading for Girls: Where are they now? – Mary Kelly

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April 22, 2020

Mary Kelly

Mary Kelly (Marilynn Saunders) last appeared as Virginia Butley in Native Gardens earlier this season! Before Native Gardens, Mary appeared as Wendy Darling in The Feast (Shelterbelt Theatre) in 2017 where she received the Omaha Entertainment and Arts Award for Best Leading Actress in a Play. Favorite memory: “I have so many wonderful memories of this production. I absolutely loved making that entrance from the bookcase at the end of the play. The lighting was phenomenal. Actually, let me give you another memory. I got some kind of spring virus that gave me almost complete laryngitis one night. I lost it during a scene with Christina Rohling. She ran to the mini-fridge on the set, grabbed a prop juice box, stabbed it with a straw and gave it to me so I could finish that scene.” #OCPRecommendedReadingforGirls