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Recommended Reading for Girls: Where are they now? – Shannon Jackson

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April 22, 2020

Shannon Jackson

Shannon Jackson (Penny Parker, Girl Detective) appeared in Prince Max’s Trewly Awful Trip to the Desolat Interior by Ellen Struve (Great Plains Theatre Conference) in 2015. Since then, Shannon hasn’t participated in any theatre productions. She went back to school, became a web-developer, had a baby and moved to Portland, OR last fall. Favorite memory: “My favorite memory from Recommended Reading for Girls was the pajama scene. It was the only one the Literary Girls got to do with Mary Kelly and we all got to literally snuggle on a couch and listen to Mary tell the story of “Sad Sandwiches.” Mary is so delightful and it was such a beautiful scene—a real calm spot right before the action of the play REALLY starts to kick off. I can still hear her say, “It was deLICIOUS” in her voice when I cook. Also, Penny got to wear special Penny pajamas! What isn’t there to love?” #OCPRecommendedReadingforGirls