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Mobile Sensory Theatre

The Omaha Community Playhouse (OCP) is proud to be in its second year of offering the VROOM! Mobile Sensory Theatre. The traveling theatre experience is designed for audiences with autism, developmental delays, or other sensory sensitivities, providing a safe and personalized experience by bringing the performance directly to their home.

OCP is the first theatre to unveil this concept in the Midwest.

The show performed in the VROOM! Mobile Sensory Theatre, called Starshine!, takes audiences on a sensory-enriched journey through the galaxy. During the show, audiences enjoy the magic of the sky as they gaze at constellations, hear the soothing sounds of space, and even lend a helping hand as a “Starkeeper” so that every star can shine its brightest.

The 30- to 40-minute Starshine! adventure is an immersive and interactive theatrical experience for one audience member and up to two parents, caregivers or siblings. While performers are trained to work with neurodivergent individuals, caregivers are encouraged to remain involved at every step to ensure the primary audience member feels comfortable and safe to enjoy the show.

Thanks to Kate and Roger Weitz, the Weitz Family Foundation, Lozier Foundation, Immanuel Vision Foundation and the generous support of individuals and organizations throughout the community, there is no cost for families in the Omaha area to experience the show.

BOOK NOW and bring the VROOM! Mobile Sensory Theatre to your home or organization.

Mobile Sensory Theatre Founded by Former OCP Artistic Director Stephen Santa

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