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Theatre Tech Apprentice Program

Enrollment for the 2023 – 2024 TTAP Program is open!

Applications will be accepted through July 2023.




What is the Theatre Technology Apprentice Program (TTAP®)?

TTAP is a two-year program designed for high school & early college students. Apprentices are given comprehensive insight into the technical careers of the entertainment industry through a blend of classroom and hands-on shop training. Apprentices work alongside master craftsmen and professionals to develop a cross-disciplinary foundation and focused training. Through TTAP, apprentices create outstanding production values and acquire the skills that make them competitive in the entertainment industry. A TTAP degree creates an educational pathway to further degrees with credits earned through a partnership with Metropolitan Community College (MCC).


Box Office
Electrics & Sound
Scenic Painting
Stage Management


As a junior (1st year) apprentice, you will choose three areas to explore under the guide of seasoned craftsmen. As your interests and skills develop, you will choose two areas to develop further. At the end of year one, you will be prepared to apply for an apprenticeship in a specific area of concentration. As a senior apprentice, you will develop a very specific skill set in your selected area while working on various shows in the OCP season. TTAP offers the best of both worlds: a well-rounded survey of the technical field as well as focused, applicable education.


  • Valuable experience by working side by side with industry professionals in a hands-on environment
  • Real job experience to detail on your résumé
  • References useful in applying for employment
  • Assistance in creating a résumé and portfolio of work
  • A network of professional contacts to provide job search leads


  • OCP Professional Qualifications Certificate
  • Up to 95 transferable MCC college credits
  • Contacts and references both locally and in most of the major entertainment markets
  • Dual-enrollment credit for some high school students


  • Associate Degree from Metropolitan Community College
  • Transfer Agreements to four-year institutions
  • Certificate of Skills from Omaha Community Playhouse

Metropolitan Community College


  • Free tuition for students still enrolled in high school
  • Affordable MCC tuition rates for college students
  • Incidental costs for books, safety equipment and tools

Scholarship opportunities are available to help with costs.


TTAP is designed to be flexible as you pursue your career goals. As a TTAP grad, you can transfer credits to a four-year college or go to work in the entertainment industry.

After completing the program, you may apply for an entry-level position as a theatre technician and gain work experience toward union journeyman eligibility. Entertainment is an expansive career field; the possibilities reach beyond the theatre. With a background in technical theatre, the positions and venues are endless.


Lighting/Electrical Technician
Props Technician
Grip or Touring Technician
Scenic Artist
Wardrobe Technician
Stage Carpenter/Technician
Sound Technician
Stage Manager


Concert arenas
Convention centers
Motion picture/TV companies
Amusement parks
Cruise lines
And of course, theatres


See what our TTAP alumni have to say about their experience with the program and how it impacted their careers!

“I came to The Technical Theatre Apprenticeship Program directly out of high school, taking classes at MCC while getting hands-on instruction at the Omaha Community Playhouse. I got to build the sets, focus the lights and run the productions all while under the guidance of a team of amazing professionals. As a direct result of my work there, I learned many of the skills and self-discipline that I still use today and especially at Cirque du Soleil.”

John Gruber, stage manager, Cirque du Soleil

“The apprenticeship program was the kick start to my career. It helped me get my first job and get into one of the best colleges in the country. The program made me realize that I could in fact have a career doing what I love and how lucky I am that I get to live that everyday. On top of a great program, I have always felt the Playhouse was my home and everyone there is part of that family. I am so grateful for the apprenticeship program every day!”

Kaylan Paisley, hair & wig supervisor, Anastasia on Broadway

“As a production manager for a professional ballet company, I believe that the Theater Technology Apprenticeship Program has played a big part in getting me to where I am today. The skills and training that I received while in the program have proven to be invaluable, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.”

Lance Glenn, production manager, Ballet Nebraska

“The Technical Theatre Apprenticeship Program at the Omaha Community Playhouse was a life changing experience for me. I went into the TTAP as a rookie technician and came out as a well-developed and overall knowledgeable worker in the technical theatre industry. The staff at OCP are very intelligent and willing to teach everything they know to their students with hands-on experience. With the TTAP, you spend just the right amount of time in the classroom to gain the basic information you need and then even more time in the different departments working on actual productions with quality teachers. Since the TTAP, I have been able to find jobs in the industry and made some of the best networking connections that you can have.”

Jamie Fields, freelance artist, Minneapolis, MN

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